Italian touch at your fingertips!

Bring the style of Jemis Nails to your country and elevate the beauty routine of your clients with high-quality, Italian-made nail products.

Italian touch at your fingertips!

Bring the style of Jemis Nails to your country and elevate the beauty routine of your clients with high-quality, Italian-made nail products.

Discover the excellence and attention to detail of Italian-made nail products with Jemis Nails





What opportunities does Jemis Nails offer for distributors in the Beauty industry?

  • Jemis Nails relies on the Italian cosmetics industry to bring high-quality, innovative nail products to consumers around the world.
  • Effective systems and clear procedures to help nail professionals.
  • Training and technical assistance.
  • Marketing and Commercial support.

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Jemis Nails International

Inspire and foster the community of women who love and share the style, quality, and elegance
of Made in Italy in Beauty Care.

Who chooses Jemis Nails?

An ambitious and motivated business partner seeking to provide women with a distinctive, high-quality experience of beauty, wellness, and safety through our exceptional products and services
and efficient systems.

What measures does Jemis Nails take to ensure both quality and convenience?

Jemis Nails creates its products in the Cosmetic Valley in northern Italy, the location responsible for producing 60% of the world’s makeup for the largest international brands. Italy has a long and illustrious history in the cosmetics industry, with a supply chain that is both complex and diverse. From the cultivation of natural ingredients to the production and distribution of finished products.

One of the key components of the Italian cosmetics supply chain is the country’s rich natural resources. Italy is home to a variety of plants and herbs that are used in the production of cosmetics, including olive oil, rosewater, and lavender. These ingredients are typically sourced from small, family-run farms that specialize in the cultivation of natural beauty products.

The Italian cosmetics industry is known for its use of advanced technology and machinery, which allows for the efficient and effective production of a wide range of beauty products.

In addition to its strong production and distribution capabilities, the Italian cosmetics industry is also known for its focus on innovation and sustainability. Many Italian cosmetics companies are dedicated to using natural, organic ingredients and to reducing their environmental impact. They are also constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to improve their products and meet the changing needs of consumers.

The Italian touch is the distinctive Italian flair for combining beauty and functionality to create something truly unique, adds value to the product and has contributed to Italy’s status as a leading global producer of cosmetics.

By using Jemis Nails' professional products, you can build a reputation as a respected and trusted name in the Nails industry.

Over the past five years, Jemis Nails has created a variety of products and accessories to make the work of nail professionals easier and more efficient. These include the Repair System, which repairs and protects weak and damaged nails, the Professional Gel Polish with over 200 colors for creating attractive styles and nail looks, the Nutrition System for nourishing nails, the Fill & Shape System for creating micro extensions and C-Curves with a gel-like finish, the Quick System for a fast and stress-free treatment, Polygel/Gel for reconstructing nails, Nail Polish recommended for use with Gel Polish, Manicure & Treatment products for preparing and caring for nails, Hand & Feet Care products for taking care of the skin on hands and feet, and Luxury Ritual SPA products for relaxation.


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